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Bankruptcy News January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Here are your links to consumer bankruptcy news and information from around the internet this past week:

  1. We posted a list of 10 things you should do before filing a bankruptcy case:
  2. The Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois decided that student loans exceeding the §109(e) limit isn’t grounds for dismissing or converting a Chapter 13 case:
  3. The Georgia Attorney General settled its FDCPA suit with McKevie LLC wherein the deceptive debt collector agreed to drop 11,000 debt collection suits:
  4. U.S. consumer debt hit an all-time high of $1.023 trillion:
  5. The CFPB ranked the banks by number of complaints per $billions in deposits:
  6. U.S. News and World Report published a piece about how student loan refis aren’t right for everyone:
  7. An LA Times columnist wrote about how consumer protections were dismantled in 2017: