Top 8 Bankruptcy Lawyer Blogs – June 2014

I try my best to provide helpful, accurate, and interesting information here at the blog section of my website.  But I also try to keep abreast of what other bankruptcy lawyers are writing about.  To that end, here are what I view as the top 8 bankruptcy lawyer blogs, as of June 2014.  If you’re looking for information on a subject that I haven’t covered, you would do well to search these sources.

The Top 8 Bankruptcy Lawyer Blogs – June 2014 – is a website that features regular articles by bankruptcy attorneys from throughout the country and is intended “to educate consumers about the complexities of the United States Bankruptcy Code.” One recent article warns debtors about potential Chapter 13 overpayment when they elect a voluntary wage order and are paid bi-weekly.

Bankruptcy Law Network – Another group of unaffiliated debtor lawyers, perhaps the most widely-recognizable bankruptcy blog around.  If you’re looking for information on any bankruptcy-related topic, odds are good someone’s written about it there at some point.

Bankruptcy Soapbox – Cathy Moran, my colleague here in the San Francisco Bay Area, is amazing.  Her Bankruptcy Mastery blog remains my go-to place for technical legal questions, but her Bankruptcy Soapbox, which is intended for clients instead of lawyers, is equally fantastic.

Carol A. Lawson – Clearwater, Florida attorney Carol Lawson handles family law matters as well as bankruptcy.  The blog section of her website features articles on interesting topics, such as a recent analysis of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s May, 2014 report on older consumers and mortgage debt.

Daniel Stone – Columbia, South Carolina bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone publishes great articles that should be useful to people unfamiliar with consumer bankruptcy.  Recent topics include the benefits of filing Chapter 13 over Chapter 7, and “What happens to my credit after bankruptcy?”

Matt Berkus – Denver, Colorado bankruptcy attorney Matt Berkus has very good blog posts that should round out your understanding of potential issues in a bankruptcy case.  Recent posts include one about why not to sign a mortgage reaffirmation agreement and another about how your bankruptcy case may be more complicated than you think.

Maxwell Law Firm PLLC – This is a medium-sized firm in New York City that provides a number of services, including tax, traffic, and small business issues.  Their frequently-updated blog has many interesting bankruptcy posts, including the dangers of debt consolidation and the differences between a Chapter 7 trustee and a Chapter 13 trustee.

Russ DeMott – Charleston, South Carolina bankruptcy lawyer Russ DeMott has an excellent blog section of his website.  It looks like he hasn’t been able to update it as often in the past couple months, but the archives are absolutely worth perusing.

Southern California Law Advocates, P.C. – SCLA is a multi-lawyer, multi-office firm in Southern California.  Their frequently-updated blog has very helpful articles on such topics as co-debtors’ credit ratings and reaffirmation agreements on car loans.

Congratulations to these lawyers, for their commitment to providing people with high-quality information as well as for their continued representation of people in need of help.

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